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End of Gormanville Rd

Date February 28, 2014
Location info North Bay, Nipissing District
Position 46°19.2667'N

End of Gormanville Rd

Although this beach is used often lots of people chose the beach over! Just need to walk or climb down a dirt path on the hill, slip my clothes off piece by piece (shoes, look around, socks, look around, shirt, look around, pants, look around and finally my undergarments with my underwear being the last, look around). I stand there naked and vulnerable for a minute or two so maybe someone might see me and I can arowse them like I am feeling and then I slip into the water. At first there's some little rocks so you're standing for the world to see you and then you feel the water touching you and it feels so good. You fall into the water slowly and with a small gasp because it's Northern Ontario and the waters a bit chilly at first. Swimming freely with nothing touching your body you just can't help but touch yourself.

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April 19, 2014
ive never seen anyone naked there....i have heard of people having sex there though haha


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