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New authority-approved FKK beach at the Danish island Ærø

Date June 5, 2020
Location info Ærøskøbing, Ærø Municipality
Position 54°49.7500'N
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New authority-approved FKK beach at the Danish island Ærø

The name of the road to get access to the parking area is “Bakkegårdsvej” like the neighboring road – the two roads do have the same name; a bit confusing, but a hint to the visitors could be, that they have to use the road east of the second windgenerator counted from west.

When approaching the beach there is a parking area for cars at the left hand side and toilet facilities.

The FKK-area is west of the road while the textile beach is east of the road. Close to the sand beach there are some stones, but when proceeding outward the stones are passed after few meters and the bottom is pure sand.


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June 7, 2014
Skøn dag på stranden. Årets ø-tur 2014. Jens Rasmussen


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