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Cleopatra Beach, Coral Beach Resort

Date June 10, 2018
Location info Hurghada, Qesm Hurghada
Position 27°5.1167'N

Cleopatra Beach, Coral Beach Resort

Small restricted area (closes optional) that is separated from the main hotel's beach with appropriate signs. Entrance for personal is strictly prohibited, so they are not annoying. It looks like its the only one nude beach in Egypt.


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June 5, 2016
Coral Beach Resort, Hurghada (Cleopatra Beach) We were in this hotel the second year in the row (end of May), so we can compare with the previous one. Much less tourist this year (previous one you should search for free table in the restaurant, but now one third was free). Meal could be more various, but fish was tasty as well as desserts. Staff becomes much more friendly and prices in shops at the territory significantly lower. One more thing to mention - absence of the drunk tourists (there were a lot last year especially in the evenings, mostly Russians). This time there were mostly Ukrainians and local Egyptians, also Belorussians, Czechs and Germans. The most interesting thing in this hotel is nude beach (looks like the only one in Egypt). It has it's own entrance in the water. This year the area of this beach was reduced (to create some kind of buffer zone) and now there are no umbrellas that give half shadow but only huts that can give either full shadow or full sun, so it makes it uncomfortable to stay there :( So the request to the administration of the hotel - please replace several huts with umbrellas - it will make possible to have sun bathing even in the daytime when the sun is high. It is forbidden to the staff to enter this beach (it's so called lounge zone), so they will not disturb you with any activities/trips proposals. It may be strange but local Egyptian tourists react quite tolerant to this beach. It is still unclear how such kind of beach may appear in Arabic country, but it gives you amazing opportunity to start beach season much earlier and get an even tan.


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