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Englischer Garten Schönfeldwiese

Date July 27, 2013
Location info Altstadt - Lehel, München, Oberbayern
Position 48°8.7667'N
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Englischer Garten Schönfeldwiese

Wiese im südlichen Teil des Englischen Gartens, nähe Uni. Die Nacktsonner finden sich eher am südlichen Zugang vom Haus der Kunst her ein. Zum Abkühlen kann man in den Schwabinger Bach springen. Viele Textilisten anwesend, aber es ist ein offizielles FKK-Gebiet der Stadt München, also nicht abhalten lassen!

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August 23, 2017
Within the paths on warm days nudists are even in the majority. Nobody cares whether you wear any clothes or not. On the left side of the river nudity is also tolerated and even swimming naked is no problem.

August 4, 2017
Fantastic place in the middle of the city! There are just few nudists but you can feel as free as you like. I prefer staying there on hot sunny afternoons when the meadow is crowded with a thousand of people. You meet adults of all ages and both sexes there. You may also have a bath in the Schwabinger Bach - the border between nudist and non-nudist areas.

July 30, 2017
I agree. A lot of younger people but nobody of them naked. Time to change it! Who's with me? ;)

August 5, 2015
Despite the fact that in old times here were a lot of naked sunbathers nowadays many many fewer, almost only weird guys after 45. But nevertheless it is official naked place, but I think it is bad rest when you take sunbathe and people go around in a few meters look at you and sometimes make the photos.

August 13, 2014
Ich möchte mich hier nicht zur schau stellen. Sonntag 10. August 2014 heiß und sehr viel betrieb.

August 22, 2013
Das ist Freiheit! Man darf wie man will. Angezogene, ja sogar zum Teil verschleierte Muslime neben Nackten. Das ist gelebte Toleranz. So könnte das Paradies für alle aussehen.


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