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Berlin, Tiergarten, lawn for sunbathing, mixed

Date December 8, 2017
Location info Tiergarten, Berlin
Position 52°30.7000'N

Berlin, Tiergarten, lawn for sunbathing, mixed

Several parts of the park are recommended for sun tanning. Not only here - try other places as well!

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July 16, 2018

July 4, 2018
Hey being tolerant and open to accept other cultures is not a one way road. We can also expect muslim people to accept our nudism culture, just as we accept their religion and the fact that women cover themselves. Mutual respect please. So just as happy to be naked around muslim people. We all know muslim and western culture is not a super happy mariage, but also in an unhappy mariage you can find ways to respect each other and be tolerant.

November 22, 2017
Feel free to get tanned dressed or naked - only one condition should be realized: Quite a lot of Muslim families or groups use to settle themselves on Tiergarten open spaces. Don’t get totally undressed close to them. To avoid trouble you should get out of their sight.


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