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Korinos gay area

Date May 2, 2015
Location info Central Macedonia
Position 40°19.1333'N

Korinos gay area

facing the sea go left. 3 klm of gay crusing in the beach. all naked. crusing also in all the roads there and in the church at night and day. truckers also there. the most busy crusing area in all Greece


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August 26, 2019
This location has been commercialised, with a beach bar and a few rows of sunbeds. No nudists or gay cruisers.

August 19, 2017
I would highly recommend this beach. It's easy to access and busy with men. I was there in late August 2017. There were at least 10 men naked and most of them seemed to be looking for company. As regards sunbathing and swimming, sand is nice but waters are not that deep.


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