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Spiaggione di Corniglia

Date May 8, 2011
Location info Vernazza, La Spezia
Position 44°7.1333'N

Spiaggione di Corniglia

Nice and romantic beach in the wonderful landscape of Cinqueterre, formely known as gay-beach, today is populated by naked persons at its end toward Manarola and textile at the other end.

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May 23, 2011
This so called naturist beach,although one of the fewest beach in Italy where nudism is tolerated and usually accepted,is not really that great.It's a shingle beach,not very comfortable to lay on even with a towel,and it's a very short beach(20m?)and narrow,with a real awful and gray concrete wall just behind it(I guess remains of the construction of the near railway).Once the area behind the beach was an"hippy campsite",but not anymore.The only thing worth is the surrounding scenery of 5 TERRE.

May 22, 2011
The description above refers to another beach called Guvano a former nude campsite in the 70ies To get there you have to walk along a formar railway tunnel with no light. Corniglia is nearer to Manarola. Is narrow but almost a kilometer lenght. Today the best way to get there is walk along the beach, crossing the cliffs isn't difficult with a calm sea. If you hope to see sandy beaches Cinqueterre is not for you. Harshness of the Four Elements is the secret of the preservation of these places.


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