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Black's Beach

Date May 10, 2018
Location info San Diego
Position 32°53.5333'N
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Black's Beach

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16 rating(s) with 4.6 out of 5.0.

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January 1, 2018
I’ve been coming here for 20 years and it’s one of the best in the US. Straight couple tend to be on the south end and becomes gayer the farther north you go. There’s plenty of room to be within the crowd or to find your own private space. Be careful of being to close to the cliffs as rocks do come down from time to time. There are two main ways to get to the beach without walking from another. The front path by glider port is the safer way. The back path at end of parking lot can get very slippery and steep. Not recommended for the unsure footed. Overall, A very diverse beach and a great place to relax, however there have been some creepers as of late I’ve had to run off the last few times. If you see something, take a video and say something. I’ve found creeps will run away when you have evidence. Guys - It’s not ok to masterbait nor make women feel uncomfortable by staring or moving close. It’s not a stripclub so don’t ruin it for everyone. Glance, but don’t stare if you must!

December 31, 2017
My wife and I have been coming here for three straight summers. It’s our favorite place in all of San Diego. The hike can be a little rough and there are no bathrooms so make sure you go before you get down there. Memorial Day weekend 2018 will mark 4 years in a row we have made the trip!!!

August 24, 2017
Very nice, relaxing beach. The hike down and up the cliff is a bit daunting (I wish some authority would make some improvements to the trail and steps and maybe restrooms and shower on the beach). Fun watching the hang gliders fly from the top of the cliff. I walked too far along the beach and was reminded by a person in a beach patrol pickup that I was no longer in the nudist area.

June 21, 2017
I was there for my birthday on Monday, June 19th. It wasn't crowded and the water was nice. I did see of couple of stingrays and even stepped on one. It thankfully I didn't get stung. All in all it was a great day. There's a paved road path that you can walk if the cliff trails are too much. The path starts near 9601 La Jolla Farms road. I took the train down from LA to the Solana Beach station and then Uber'd to the address. 45 min later I found my spot and camped for the day.

February 24, 2017
Amazing and as a single female I feel very comfortable.

May 28, 2016
No restroom and the hike is not for the weak. Clean and most people stay to themselves.

October 7, 2014
I absolutely love this beach. I attend the local university and there is a wide range of ages on the beach so it's great for any age. Water is always pleasant, weather is generally warm, great place in between classes or on weekends.

February 12, 2014
have been there sept 2013. great location !!!

August 7, 2012
Awesome and very well known nude beach. Not dog friendly like San Onofre is though :( The hike can be a challenge but i personally like it.

October 23, 2011
So long as you can handle cliff.

September 29, 2011
The cliff trail can be a challenge for those who are a bit out of shape. If you haven't been there before pack light. Don't be afraid to give yourself plenty of rest breaks climbing back up the hill. Since San Onofre closed there has been an increase in the number of guys who walk up and down the beach looking for women to ogle. Best to stay close to the Black's Beach Bares if guys like that bother you. The BBB put up a flag and hang out near the volley ball posts.

May 10, 2011
Since this wide, flat beach with tall cliffs is so close to the San Diego city of La Jolla, it gets packed on weekends and holidays with nudists, surfers, and swimmers. But be very careful of sting rays in the surf -- people are constantly getting stung. It's a very long hike down the goat trail from the parking lot above; yet once you hit the sand, you'll see that Black's Beach is such a beautiful place. Where else can you lazily look up to see hang gliders floating back and forth all day?


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