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Pirate's Cove

Date August 29, 2019
Location info Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo
Position 35°10.5500'N

Pirate's Cove

Pirate's Cove


10 rating(s) with 4.3 out of 5.0.

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October 8, 2019
Went yesterday there with some friends and the beach was pretty great. There was some dude “trying” to have some professional photo shoot in the middle of the beach though which was kind of annoying. Also a lot of people walking around surprisingly and leaving their clothes on, didn’t come across as looky lous or anything, just seemed strange for how out of the way and short distance they were able to actually walk... But overall, great beach and will definitely be going back when I’m in the area!

June 17, 2019
Went to Pirates on a Sunday, Fathers Day, with my girlfriend and the weather could not have been better. The water was calm, it was a clear day and not too hot or windy. There weren’t too many people and I really only saw one lurker. There was a mix of people, couples (mm & mf) and singles. A group of guys playing volleyball and even a couple of families. There was definitely some eye candy for both sexes and my gf mentioned the number of penises present, all shapes and sizes too. A single guy next to us had the thickest flaccid penis I think I have ever seen. Al in all it was a great day and we’ll definitely be going back. Can’t wait. Next time I want to explore the cave side.

June 10, 2013
I really enjoy this beach. There are lots of people on the weekends and a nice small crowd on weekdays. There are usually more men than women but I have never had anyone bother me or make me feel uncomfortable. The hike is a little more than easy but not quite difficult.

August 12, 2012
Great beach for nude recreation. There are plenty of male and female genders. Everyone seems to keep to themselves for the most part but there are a lot of people that keep all cloths on there hole visit that makes it a little uncomfortable. Over all a good beach.

March 14, 2012
Great beach! Includes an exclusively gay beach on the north west side of the site. Great place to hang out, Cruz, meet som cool people or not uncommon to see show. You never know what you'll see! Group fun is a common site any day. Just head south west from the parking lot not on the main trail closer to the west, and hike down, and climb down the rock using the ropeeast n common

May 10, 2011
Rocky surf and sand with an awkwardly sloping beach make this remote location less than perfect, but the southern facing exposure is rather nice. Being a Lookie Louie here at this far off smallish beach is a challenge, so there are less clothed perverts walking back and forth, leering at the ladies -- HUGE plus! A tide pool teaming with marine life lies to the north right around the curve, and whales, sea lions, and dolphins often dot the horizon. We camped overnight on this beach.


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