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South Apollo Beach

Date April 29, 2018
Location info Volusia
Position 28°51.3667'N

South Apollo Beach

the nude zone is 400 feet south of the car park


22 rating(s) with 4.3 out of 5.0.

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July 20, 2018
Been many times. Parking is limited. Hitch hiked from the more northern lots at times. Showers available at parking lot. Little bit of a walk. I’ve never seen any naughty behavior. Please respect the clothes area so we don’t loose our beach.

May 19, 2018
I’ve been there many times and never seen any sexual activity. Great place to go relax I give it five stars.

April 29, 2018
Last visit there were no less than ten men engaging in sexual activity including stoping in front of us to pleaser themselves blocking our peaceful view of the ocean. One man not too far behind us bent over and grabbed both cheeks to fully expose his hole while other men took turns having a look for no less than three minutes. Another sat 20 feet away and stared and clearly tried to take pictures of us. We left. If we ever return it will be with pepper spray. We were abused sexually and I encourage anyone who goes here to protect themselves. Somebody is going to get seriously hurt before summers end if law enforcement continues to ignore this. Years past they had patrols regularly . Not once in months and I will never go back without protection

December 11, 2017
We went there as a Married Couple with Kids. We felt very much at ease, with both our kids and with them playing with other kids there. No one maid us feel uncomfortable even though I am a SSBBW. We will definitely be back! 5 stars plus. On.y bad thing is they need more parking!

January 27, 2017
Best nude beach we have been to. My wife is a SSBBW and a web model, we have done some great shoots there.

January 20, 2017
Nice beach but parking can be tough. We need a water taxi!

April 3, 2016
Great place no matter if you're 95lbs up to 950lbs, you will be welcome!!!!!

August 29, 2015
Me and my girl love getting nude here and partying! It's a great beach so nice!

May 5, 2015
As a single (straight) male in his 20s this beach can be.....intimidating. The population is divided something like this: 50% of the nudists here are Older Straight Couples (ages 40+) 25% are Single Gay Males (all ages) 10% are Single Straight Males (all ages) 8% are Younger Straight Couples (ages 20-40) 5% are Gay Male Couples (all ages) 2% are Single Females (all ages) It's a strange scene because if you don't fall into the first category of Older Couples then you're somewhat of an outcast unless you're a female. But it might be like this at all nude beaches, so I'm not sure if it's just here. I've met a few cool people at this beach but overwhelmingly I feel like my stereotype is disliked. I get a lot of dirty looks from the older, single men. My biggest piece of advice for males is to bring a friend(s) of the opposite sex if you come here. Otherwise the environment is somewhat tense. I wish it were different, but that's the case. When I bring female friends, lots of couples come by to introduce themselves and we generally have a good time. I mainly come to meet chicks, so obviously my biggest gripe is the lack of single ladies. Not much more to say, this is basically a nude sandbox for older people.

November 8, 2013
Couldn't get parking early in the morning, so disappointed

April 16, 2013
Nice beach but not enough parking.

April 10, 2012

October 30, 2011
Beautiful nude beach!

September 27, 2011
Love the laid back property and the friendly people. :)

May 17, 2011
They have been closing the number 5 parking lot trying to make it hard to get down there.


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