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Woodlot Nudist Retreat

Date May 23, 2018
Location info Woodstock, McHenry
Position 42°21.9167'N
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Woodlot Nudist Retreat

Woodlot Nudist Retreat is a private "landed club" located just outside of Woodstock, Illinois. The owner, Eugene Gall welcomes adult couples and select singles to come out and spend the day on his beautiful property.

50 rating(s) with 4.4 out of 5.0.

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May 26, 2018 Great day at Woodlot today! Everyone very friendly, pool clean, grass cut, volleyball/badminton net up and ready, easy trip up I 90

November 12, 2017
love it here! i went a couple times this past summer, its perfect to get away from life and just relax naked! there is a 25$ fee which is cash only. cant wait to go back next summer!

September 19, 2017
Great place for a day in the sun with no hassles. Might see some playing going on but so what, to each his own. Going back this Saturday (23rd).

August 19, 2017
I love this place nice people and ooohh so quiet. Very nice swimming pool great place to spend the day. Singles and couples welcome, If you want to mingle fine if not fine also no one bugs you..

August 18, 2017
Anybody going 8/18/17?

August 15, 2017
is anybody going to be there on the 15 looking to go with a freind

August 9, 2017
Nice place. Nice grounds. Low key.

August 9, 2017
Carolyn and I will be there today if anyone wants to come out and play.

August 6, 2017
so is this place open regularly or not?

July 29, 2017
The Woodlot is open! And we are having a BYO BBQ tomorrow from noon-5. Come join us.

July 25, 2017
Been there twice. Once by myself and once with my wife. I like it there and feel comfortable. Very laid back and no one bothers anybody. While I was at the pool my wife was reading her book nude and he walked by and they exchanged pleasantries and that was it. Trails are nice as well. Great place to hang out.

June 16, 2017
We are heading there this weekend...hoping the weather holds! Hope to see others there!

June 1, 2017
My wife and I are in our mid 30s and have tried a few nude beaches in Jamaica & Mexico...really looking for a semi local place to sunbathe nude and relax. We are going to check this out Friday June 9th and camp overnight. Any pointers or recommendations?

May 13, 2017
Once a decent place, it is now over run by lonely single men. People are taking advantage the owner.

May 12, 2017
The place has been taken over by lonely single males, very sad and a few are a pain and stick their noses where they should not. The owner is too old to vet the visitors and a few are taking advantgae of the situation.

May 3, 2017
It is open again this year. Lets try to make this a good year for Gene.

April 22, 2017
Really hope it will be open in 2017 . The Times we have been there we really enjoyed it. People are very friendly I would say ages range from late teens to us older folks.

March 9, 2017
Wondering if it is going to be open in 2017? We were there a year or so ago and had very nice time.

September 16, 2016
I just read in one of the other comments that single males are not allowed. Is this true? Planning to visit tomorrow for the very first time, but don't want to waste my time driving there if I will not be allowed to enter. Anyone who knows for sure, please respond ASAP.

September 3, 2016
I am the volunteer that helps the owner, come one come all. Possibly the last weekend to enjoy. Owner may shut it down and not reopen. I am only there to collect daily fees. I enjoy the nude freedom and the peace it puts my mind into. The address and phone number is 14609 Nelson Rd, Woodstock 815 338 5949 I will be heading out there early to get pool warmed up. Looks like a beautiful weekend to have fun in the sun. Remember to bring your own provision and drink responsibly. Want everyone to go home safe.

August 29, 2016
I drive past there every day. I don't see signs. I thought they had been closed and sold to a private residence. Even if they are open, their website ( doesn't exist and the last I read, they didn't allow single males. (Regarding any "family" nudist resort, pisses me off - just trying to get an all over tan - not all single males are rapists and child molesters.) For $25, I'll just find a remote clearing in any of the thousands of wooded local areas/preserves.

August 26, 2016
Called and spoke with Gene. (He sounded pretty good BTW!). He said they were open this weekend and to come on by and enjoy. Hope to do that in spite of less than perfect weather. At least it will not be cold, enough of that coming soon! LOL

August 25, 2016
I'm a first-timer who would like to drop by and try a little nude fishing this weekend. Is an Illinois fishing license required or as a private pond on private land is it exempt? BTW, anyone have any information on how the fishing has been. Not really important, just being able to fish nude and enjoy a fine cigar while enjoying nature sounds like heaven! Picked four stars based on what I have heard/read, no first hand experience yet.

August 5, 2016
I went pretty regularly about 10 years or more ago. It was nice. I am older and fatter now so haven't been for awhile. I loved it there. Does anyone engage in BDSM activities there or is that not allowed. I enjoy it so just curious.

July 24, 2016
Great place to be yourself been there twice just found out about this place I'm bisexual and love to be naked and play all day great spots to play nobody bothers you all kinds of cool people come out get naked and play all day

June 21, 2016
Awesome place, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and just $25 too. Great big place, plenty of room to stretch out and get some sun, meet new people and have a great day.

June 5, 2016
Very quiet and relaxing.pick your spot and strip down and hike or get that all over tan. Pool is nice and clean. Come out and enjoy. $25 per day.

May 24, 2016
where is the location/what is the address for google maps? and what are the rates? do we need to call ahead? thanks!

May 12, 2016
no rating yet because i have not been there, will this place be open this year and do they allow single males?

April 22, 2016
Trying very hard to contact someone to find out more. We live in Wauconda so a place in Woodstock would be wonderful to visit! Can't really rate the place, haven't been there yet! Please contact

April 21, 2016
I stopped by on 4-18-16. Gate was open. No one was around. I called earlier and no one answered.

April 17, 2016
Just want to let interested parties know of the other two websites (with "forum") where info about Woodlot can be found. There used to be a Facebook page, in addition. But that is either gone or more likely made "Private", now. Hope this helps any who are looking to attend Woodlot this year, 2016. I plan to go there, myself. It will be my first time going there, as I only learned of the place last fall, and it soon turned too cold for outdoor nudism, here in Illinois. Note: I clicked THREE stars only because it says I can't post without choosing some stars. But I have never been to Woodlot, myself, so don't necessarily trust my "rating". Also note that on the two above links, you may have to REGISTER on the sites, in order to see the forum posts. I believe all registrations are FREE, though.

April 10, 2016
Can a male go without a female?

March 30, 2016
I could not contact anyone by email. My mail was returned. Any suggestions?

March 9, 2016
When is going to be open?

February 23, 2016
How can I join

September 5, 2015
We are having a Labor Day cookout on Monday! Come on out for some good food and relaxation!

August 18, 2015
My wife and I are helping Gene out by managing the place on the weekends. Come on out and see the place! New email address is Feel free to email us with questions or concerns. Thanks Dave

July 27, 2015
What a beautiful place to relax and be yourself! K.R.

June 12, 2015
Have been and nice there but somewhere else to go with pools, hot tub , volleyball and more. very nice

May 15, 2015
Great place to hang out and enjoy the sun and outdoors. The owner is very friendly. He only has one rule... No fighting. Beautiful place to sunbathe or just enjoy nature.

March 16, 2015
March 16, 2015 Love going there nice and relaxing, nobody judges anyone and I have meet allot of great people there. And there is a large variety of ages, you see some that like to play, some that like to relax, some just hanging out like myself, and not being judged if your there as a single. I hope that it will be open again this year and looking forward to hanging out there again this year Tim

February 28, 2015
We have been going here for a few years and would highly recommend it to area nudists. Be aware that this is an adults club only as there is a mix of nudists there as well as those who like to play. Very few have modesty here and we appreciate that as well. Not exclusively a swingers spot but yes you can meet all kinds here and not feel shame if you want to play alone or with someone else.

August 3, 2014
We when there with my GF, and the place was wonderful, believe me guys, we are a young duple and we when the people is nice and friendly, we made some friends, we meet a professional photographer, a latin sexy model, one cycling couple, and one friendly and sexy couple, the owner was so sweet and nice with us, we walk there and we find some couples having fun and we get in to also, all is nice so relaxin my Gf was so happy, i want to go there again, believe me, me and her we want to comeback again and meet other couples, this is not a swing place, we never see somebody swing even us, all is respectably and friendly. The webpage is down for the reputation of the town people think there is a swing place this is the page in Facebook if one of you guys want to go there please contact us for more information to: and we can share our experience!

July 28, 2014
Visited many times and met great people. Very relaxing and non judgmental. Lots of hiking trails. Fun to walk naked in nature. It appears the website is gone. Does anyone know an alternate source for information?

June 18, 2014
My husband and I have been there many times and yes this is an adults only place. No troubles with that as we too like playing when we are there and no one seems to mind as others are doing the same sometimes. We have seen couples and singles from ages 20 to 65. There is quite a nice jacuzzi and lots of trails and walking areas where you can go have some privacy. Or you could just be yourself and play and others will not bother you at all. Highly recommended for nudism and being yourself!!!!

September 4, 2013
This is an amazing little hide away to go nude. The owner was really nice to us. The grounds are in great condition and they have a nice sunroom pool. The pool is a little small but nice and clean enough to cool yourself down on a hot day. The people there are very friendly and everyone enjoys each others company. You may see a couple in the throws of passion tucked away in a corner. Some don't mind being watch but be respectful and just watch from a respectable distance. The trails are really nice, bring a good pair of walking shoes. Also bring plenty of sun screen as the place gets a lot of sun. The fee for a couple is $25 cash and parking is easy. Just drive your car down a path and find a good spot. Call ahead just to let him know you are on your way. If you have questions you can email me at I've been there enough to give you all the info you'll need. The owner is not always available. Hope to see you there. Tony n Teena.

August 7, 2013
Very nice and secluded resort. Has a great small pool and large grounds. Best thing is that you can be yourself and do what you like while there, no one will complain. We love going there as a couple and enjoying ourselves while there sexually as well.

March 18, 2012
This is a very nice location to enjoy nudism. There is plenty of space to lay out, nice trails to hike, a pond to fish in and an indoor pool. Keep in mind this is an adults only retreat. Come out, play and enjoy.


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