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Gaea Retreat Center (Camp Gaea)

Date February 29, 2012
Location info Leavenworth
Position 39°13.6667'N
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Gaea Retreat Center (Camp Gaea)

The website states: "Is Camp Gaea a Nudist Camp?"

NO, Camp Gaea is designed as a recreational retreat center for the purpose of cultural and spiritual education. As such, the camp promotes tolerance, acceptance and respect between groups and individuals. We neither promote nor discourage nudity as it is a personal and spiritual choice.

However, clothing is required in many places, such as in public buildings, on or along the main access roads, and open areas adjacent to property fence lines. As such, if you are walking and enjoying Gaea, you should have suitable clothing to cover when in areas where required as well as provide some clothing or material to sit on.


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September 6, 2019
One of my favorite places. I hike, sleep, swim in the lake. Just a beautifully relaxing place.

August 11, 2017
Fantastic place to relax. I've been there many times and love hiking the trails and swimming in the lake.

July 27, 2017
As others have stated, this place is hit or miss depending on who else is there and what you are looking for. Dudes with boners are a commonplace regardless of whether they are straight or gay. Mixed of men women and families at times but mostly dudes.

August 13, 2016
Your experience totally depends on what you are looking for and when you go... I have been there in Friday and Saturday and seen no one and have been there on a different weekend and it was awesome! That statement could be said about anywhere but I feel like it applies more with this place. The good time far outweighed the somewhat disappointing one.

May 12, 2016
Love it!!

May 16, 2014
Home to the Midwest Male Naturist Gathering (MMNG) at Camp Gaea (pronounced guy-ah) in June. Over 200 men take over Camp Gaea's 100 very private acres of hilly woodland and grassland to explore. There is a lake with a swimming area, dock and boats available for use. Facilities include a large open pavilion, main hall, dining hall and pavilion, restroom/shower building, nine sleeping cabins with electricity and numerous camping areas. During MMNG, seminars and workshops on a variety of topics are offered, cocktail socials and dances are held, and generous meals keep everyone full. At other times you can play volleyball, soak up the sun, swim, boat, or fish on the lake. Or if you prefer, you can just sit in the shade and sip a cool cocktail. The only goal is to share some time with a great bunch of friendly and fun naked guys!

May 21, 2012
It's a cool and accepting place to hang out. Not a traditional naturalist site, but respectful. Nudity is allowed in a context appropriate fashion but is not the majority position.


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