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Longnook Beach, Truro,MA.

Date December 4, 2011
Location info Truro, Barnstable
Position 42°0.9667'N

Longnook Beach, Truro,MA.

Beautiful beach one half mile south of the parking lot.


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May 3, 2015
Best in New England, family friendly, beautiful, wide, mile long, east facing, unofficial, white sand nude beach at foot of 100+ ft high sand dune ridge, on Atlantic Ocean side of Cape Cod. Access is via a 1/3 mile walk from either the textile beach to the north or the other to the south. Use caution in water. Depending on tide, beach can have pretty strong undertow and/or current flow parallel to and angling away from the beach. Car parking, Memorial Day to Labor Day, requires a permit. Bicycles Ok any time. Nudity not officially legal, but beach is only infrequently patrolled by park rangers, and then, mostly only on weekends. Best to keep something to cover up with to hand.


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