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Show Me Acres Nudist Resort

Date June 4, 2018
Location info Stover, Morgan
Position 38°18.7500'N
Web links www.showmeacresnudistreso...

Show Me Acres Nudist Resort

Show Me Acres,

5492 Black Elk Lane
Stover, MO 65078


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June 4, 2018
We enjoyed this club, but the owners retired in 2016 and it is now closed.

May 16, 2014
We can’t say enough positive things about Show Me Acres Resort. When you book things online, you have to rely on the information available on the site and online reviews. It lives up to and exceeds the reviews and site information. Having been to nudist resorts in Florida, Mexico, and various nude beaches, you wouldn’t think that you could find a quality nudist resort 2 hours outside Kansas City. What it lacks in a bar and restaurant, it makes up in facilities, location, and warmth. For the owners it is a real act of commitment to quality and naturism, it is not just a business for them it is away of life. The rooms, campsites, clubhouse, grounds, trails, pool and hot tub show that. The hotel rooms are really nice: huge shower, well-equipped kitchen, and most importantly a comfortable bed. The 300+ acres of woods, streams and trails are beautiful. The trails are great for running, hiking and even mountain biking (where else can you bike in the nude). It is perfect for a weekend get away; pick up some food and drink at Trader Joe’s on your way and create a carefree weekend of sun and fun. It attracts a warm and open group of visitors that will have you laughing and playing volleyball in minutes of hitting the pool. We can’t wait to go back.

May 20, 2013
It is a great place to go for the weekend with a really nice club house and hotel rooms and a large swimming pool and hot tub and over 300 acres to explore of trails and campsites. You can't find a better appointed and friendlier nudist resort and camp in the Midwest.


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