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Willamattans family nudist resort

Date October 23, 2011
Location info Springfield, Lane
Position 44°11.0333'N
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Willamattans family nudist resort

A modern resort in a secluded setting. The Willamettans is the largest nudist club in the Pacific Northwest with more than 500 members.


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March 2, 2016
Great place! The activities and parties are great! Arabian nights and the Halloween party were amazing. Best Nakations ever (Naked vacations)

February 3, 2016
My wife and I enjoy camping in the NW and prefer campgrounds that are more quiet and peaceful, NOT full of screaming children, Drunks with loud stereos and monster trucks. We often go in the early fall as a good time to go. We could not find any good campgrounds. So, I suggested we look at alternatives and found the "Willys" on the web. My wife was not so sure, and hesitant. But gave in. We had a wonderful time. We stopped going to regular campgrounds and my wife is no longer shy. we joined as full time members. It became such a favorite place to go that after 5 years we just purchased a home there. It is our happy place. Our sanctuary to be ourselves and be free. We get such a sense of peace and relaxation here. The members are welcoming, there is 24hr heated pool and hot tub YEAR ROUND! There is a cafe, Bar, and plenty of activities. Even in the dead of winter we enjoy our visits. The cost is very affordable whether camping or renting a cabin. Before we bought our home we figured staying there in a cabin was a fraction of a trip elsewhere. We added it up and with Annual membership and rental fees compared to 1.5 weekend trips to the beach. Such a bargain. Do I sound biased? Sure, We only wish we would have discovered this years ago. Everyone we know says the same thing. Why did I wait so long? Looking forward to the upcoming Winterfest/Valentines party with live band. Stop in and say hello. Ill buy you a round of beers to say hello. Ask for Doug & Linda


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