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Toft Point

Date August 7, 2014
Location info Baileys Harbor, Door County
Position 45°3.7500'N

Toft Point

Great area to sunbath nude and swim. Find a flat rock south of the main path and strip down.


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July 29, 2017
Have Been coming Out here 4 2.5 yrs. Lake is at it's Highest lvl, water goes up 2 & into the Woods. End of Trail is Water. All Rock's 2 Lay on underwater. There IS a Shell Beach that has formed on the Point... Been going here 4 couple weeks now. It IS OUTSTANDING!! Will get a Shoe or 2 wet on way. If U Wish 2 lay Out, Bring 2 Beach Towels, They Are Shell's, Can Be Sharp. Same Directions there, just Don't go 2 the End. Find place on side 2 park At or Around Point Ln.Trail.. Go down Trail, Take A Left & Continue Fallowing The Shell Burm... DO NOT STEP ON PEAK OF SHELL'S! !!!!!! Stay 2 the inside of The Shell

July 16, 2017
Little overgrown but still a great place to lay out naked.


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